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Why Is Geofencing Important For Restaurants?

Wish you could read the minds of hungry patrons nearby?

Too bad you’re not a psychic. But with geofencing, you can anticipate their cravings and serve up irresistible offers right when they’re most likely to bite.

By creating a virtual perimeter around your location, geofencing, when done right, can send enticing offers to potential customers the moment they step into your zone.

But how do you know if you’re doing geofencing right?

You leave it to us!

At Restaurant Growth, we don’t just set up a geofence and call it a day. Our strategic approach combined with 40+ years of industry expertise helps you drive engagement and ROI.

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How We Help Restaurants Grow With Geofencing Services

Our geofencing strategies are designed to attract local diners and boost your revenue, one targeted ad at a time.

Geofence Setup

We build virtual fences that bring corral hungry customers right to your door. No escapes allowed!

Customized Messaging

Create irresistible ad copy that speaks directly to your target audience's cravings.

Mobile Ad Delivery

Launch your promotions straight into your patron’s phone. Our mobile ad delivery service ensures your ads land right.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Stay on the pulse of consumer movement with real-time location tracking. Monitor the ebb and flow of potential customers with surgical precision.

Competitor Targeting

We’ll help you compete with nearby restaurants and establish a loyal customer base that will keep your tables full.

Conversion Zone Setup

Turning passersby into paying customers is our specialty. Restaurant Growth will set up conversion zones that boost bottom lines.

Performance Tracking

We keep a close eye on your campaign's success. With our data-driven geofencing approach for restaurants, you'll know exactly what's working.

Customer Retargeting

Keep your business top-of-mind. Have customers come back for seconds with retargeting without doing any hard work.

Foot Traffic Analysis

Our foot traffic analysis helps you understand your customers' patterns, preferences, and behaviors.

Our Strategic Approach To Growth

Find out how we can increase your profit margins by 18% with geofencing for restaurants:

Strategy Call

We start by thoroughly understanding your business, customers, and objectives with a one-on-one appointment.

Custom Plan

Drawing from 44+ years of industry expertise, we blueprint a customized marketing plan calculated to drive engagement and net income.


Leave all aspects of building, segmenting, and deployment of your campaigns to our young experts.

Monitoring & Optimization

Comprehensive performance reports allow us to analyze metrics, identify and optimize opportunities, and iteratively refine your strategy in real time.

Why Restaurant Owners Trust Us To Deliver

Restaurant owners like you trust us because we deliver results that you can see and taste:

Accurate Tracking

Our seamless tracking system allows you to monitor your restaurant's growth with precision. Just relax and watch your restaurant thrive on your phone screen.

Better ROI

Nothing beats the promised ROI of our geofencing services for restaurants. Effortless automation, low hindrances to entry, and minimal expenses - all at your fingertips!

Holistic Approach

Geofencing is just one piece of the puzzle. We integrate it with your overall marketing strategy for maximum impact.


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Not at all. Our team handles everything, so you can stay focused on your guests and your kitchen.

Nope. We believe in earning your business every single day, with no long-term contracts.

Yes, geofencing allows you to get granular with your targeting. By combining geofencing with other targeting parameters, our restaurant geofencing agency can ensure your ads reach right.

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