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Restaurant Marketing Agency Trusted By 2,000+ Restaurants In 30 Countries

Grow your restaurant without doing any work changing anything operationally, or waiting 6 months for results. Our restaurant marketing agency’s comprehensive marketing suite is packed with powerful features.

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Our accomplished team of Certified Restaurant Coaches™ have been hand picked and trained by Donald Burns, The Restaurant Coach® in his signature TRC Method™. Every coach currently owns or previously owned a restaurant so they know first hand the struggles, stress, and opportunities the modern restauranteur faces. Collectively, they have helped over 2,800 restaurants increase their profit margin 5-8% in just 90-days on average!

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who we are...

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey as we undergo a strategic transformation from Skytale Digital to Restaurant Growth. Our decision to rebrand is fueled by our desire to better serve our clients.

While we are commonly known as one of the best restaurant marketing companies, we are excited to introduce an expanded suite of services designed to cater to every facet of restaurant growth.

In addition to cutting-edge advertising solutions, we now proudly provide coaching and a live webinar community.

Our company retains the same ownership, employees, technology, and programs - we're simply evolving and felt the name change reflected our new direction clearly and boldly.

At Restaurant Growth, our focus is to help experienced restaurant owners who want to grow beyond 7 figures with 18% margins - a challenging yet rewarding endeavor.

Growing a restaurant beyond 7 figures with an 18% profit margin demands dedication, strategy, and a supportive community.

Restaurant Growth is here to stand by you, providing the comprehensive resources needed to achieve unparalleled success. As we embark on this exciting journey, we extend our gratitude for your continued trust and partnership.

Here's to growth, innovation, and significant success!

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Our Restaurant GROWTH Solutions

Take your restaurant to the next level with our marketing, coaching, and live webinars


Increase awareness, acquire more customers, boost visit frequency, and track it all in real time. Proven in 2,000+ restaurants in 30 countries worldwide.

Live Webinars & Community

Restaurateurs with 40+ years of experience teach the fundamentals to growing a profitable restaurant. Learn advertising, food cost, prime cost, staffing, hiring, catering, customer service, training employees, viral videos, photography, AI, ChatGPT, and so much more.


Our skilled team of Certified Restaurant Coaches™, trained by Donald Burns, The Restaurant Coach®, brings firsthand restaurant experience to help modern restaurateurs overcome challenges and seize opportunities. With the TRC Method™, they've boosted profits for over 2,800 restaurants by 5-8% in just 90 days on average!

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Drive sales & profit with strong brand identity & loyal customer base

Long-Term Growth

Our restaurant marketing company aligns with your specific goals, target and budget to develop a sustainable plan. Restaurants with 10% margins or higher benefit from our advertising and marketing programs, while restaurants under 10% margins typically start with coaching.


Make informed optimizations on campaigns with our advanced analytics tools & in-house dashboard


From social media and emails to Google Ads and local SEO, we ensure your restaurant is visible across relevant platforms.


We’ve helped 2,000+ restaurants worldwide increase visibility, revenue, profits & customer loyalty.


Marketing is crucial for restaurants to differentiate themselves, attract customers, and sustain profitability. It helps build your brand, enhance customer loyalty, and fill your tables, affecting your revenue. At Restaurant Growth, we believe marketing is key to showcasing your restaurant and connecting with potential diners. The process involves leveraging online campaigns, social media, and content to boost your visibility and establish your brand in the culinary world.

Restaurant coaching is like having a “co-CEO”. The best way to build a profitable restaurant is to implement the lessons learned from a successful restaurant owner who has already done it. On average, our coaching clients start our program with 5% margins and are able to increase margins 5-8% in the first 90 days. Average margin of our coaching clients is 19.2% and they take 4 vacations per year!

Our programs are ideal for established restaurants, and can work for new restaurants too. To market your new restaurant, first identify your target audience and what makes your place stand out. Then, develop a catchy website and an active social media presence. Remember to leverage Instagram and Facebook ads to promote your menu and ambiance, attracting customers, and enhancing visibility. You can also consult with a creative marketing agency for restaurants for better guidance.

Restaurateurs with 40+ years of experience teach the fundamentals to growing a profitable restaurant. Learn advertising, food cost, prime cost, staffing, hiring, catering, customer service, training employees, viral videos, photography, AI, ChatGPT, and so much more.​

We’ve helped thousands of restaurants in 30+ countries worldwide. Our team consists of real restaurant owners with over four decades of experience. Whether it’s advertising, coaching, or webinars – we have a solution to solve any issue you are facing.

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