Updated: July 2024

Hey Restaurant Owner,

Want to learn how to advertise your restaurant the same way we do for over 2,000+ restaurants?

Our topics don’t stop at advertising and marketing…

Restaurateurs with 40+ years of experience teach the fundamentals to growing a profitable restaurant.

You’ll learn how to maintain healthy margins, control prime cost, book more catering, hire staff, customer service, train employees, viral videos, photography, AI, ChatGPT, and so much more.

If you are a growth minded restaurant owner, you should join our restaurant growth webinars & community.

This is perfect for restaurant owners of any level. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing $1 million per month, $100k per month, $30k per month, or just getting started – every stage of your business presents different challenges that we can help you overcome.

The next 5 restaurants can get a free trial. We usually charge $119/mo, but we’ve slashed that in half to $59/mo (and that’s after your free trial).

This is not some fake scarcity thing.

Honestly, we should be charging $1-2k per month for access to these industry experts, restaurateurs, training, and strategies that will save you years wasted on trial and error.

So, you might be thinking… “Why provide all this incredible value for only $59 per month?”

Our goal is to create the #1 restaurant owner community in the world… helping restaurants scale past 7 figures with 20% margins.

Hundreds of restaurant owners from the US, Canada, UK, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, and countless other countries have already joined.

Now, it’s your turn.

Once you join, you’ll get instant access to prior trainings, and a Zoom invite to the weekly call.

Results are guaranteed, too. If you implement the techniques it’s nearly impossible not to get results.

Here’s what you can expect:

Chase owns 3 restaurants and said these webinars completely changed the way he thought about marketing.

Javier, restaurateur in Texas emailed in to thank us for the value he's seeing just after 2 weeks of joining.

Abraham in Mexico City got 1,100 new customers in just a few weeks, eventually saw 30% increase in sales, and hundreds of new 5 star Google reviews.

Vivian owns a restaurant in Ireland and emailed us to share the awesome news about a campaign that generated a ton of buzz and more guest visits.

Just skimmed this page? That’s cool.

Basically it’s a call you can join every week to improve your restaurant in hundreds of different ways.

Join our live weekly webinars to learn growth techniques that actually work for restaurants. Battle tested in over 2,000 restaurant worldwide. The goal is to increase your profit margins and take home pay.

If you can’t make the weekly call, no worries… simply access the recordings later!

If you want to discuss a specific topic, just ask. We’ll cover it on a future webinar or a fellow restaurant owner can lend some tips.

Hope to see you on the Wednesday webinars!


Michael Coborn
Managing Partner
Skytale Digital

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