18 Restaurant Facebook Ads Examples To Pump Up Revenue

Luke Januschka


June 30, 2024
Best Restaurant Facebook Ads Examples To Pump Up Revenue
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What no one will tell you about restaurant Facebook ads is that they’re not just about showcasing mouth-watering food images or offering irresistible discounts. The most successful restaurant Facebook ads are those that strike a chord with the audience.

But just like a bland dish won’t win any Michelin stars, a lackluster Facebook ad campaign won’t bring in the dough. 

To really stand out in the crowded feed and get those hungry scrollers to stop and take notice, you need to serve up some seriously mouthwatering ad creative.

That’s where this blog by Restaurant Growth experts comes in. In this post, you’ll learn:

  • Why Facebook ads are a great way to market your restaurant business
  • The key elements of successful restaurant Facebook ads
  • Real-life examples of restaurant Facebook ads that worked and why
  • How you can use Facebook ads for your restaurant 

Let’s explore how to leverage Facebook ads to spice up your restaurant’s digital presence!

Best Facebook Ads For Restaurants [18 Examples]

The best Facebook ads for restaurants that you can draw inspiration from are here! 

Facebook Ads Example 1 

Ad showcasing Facebook marketing strategy for Zachary’s Restaurant

Why This Ad? 

This Facebook ad grabs attention with a mouthwatering pizza picture and a clear discount. It creates a sense of urgency to order and makes it easy to do so with a call to action. 

By highlighting the local aspect, it builds trust and community. In short, it delivers the message, entices viewers, and makes it simple to take action.

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Facebook Ads Example 2

 Facebook ads example featuring private events space

Why This Ad?

The Facebook ad for Walter’s Restaurant is effective for a few reasons. First, it clearly states its purpose: celebrating life’s special moments. This targets people looking for event spaces. 

Second, it highlights its capacity and ambiance, appealing to those planning larger gatherings. 

Third, the use of the word “Premier” positions the venue as high-quality. Finally, the call to action is strong, urging viewers to book before reservations fill up.

Facebook Ads Example 3

Best facebook ad for restaurants offering free items on their menu

Why This Ad?

This Goat & Vine ad shines with a free bottle of wine! It grabs attention with a clear benefit and makes it easy to redeem. 

Multiple calls to action like “Reserve now” urge viewers to act fast. Listing locations also make it convenient for nearby wine lovers. 

This ad is short, sweet, and drives customers to their doors.

Facebook Ads Example 4

Witty Facebook ad example featuring a signature dish

Why This Ad?

The Facebook ad features a beautifully presented dish of Grilled Branzini, positioned on a bed of salad with lemon wedges. The high-quality photo showcases the freshness and appetizing nature of the food, instantly capturing attention.

The accompanying text adds personality and humor: “Excuse me while I interview this for a position in my belly ;)”

This playful tone engages viewers and makes the ad memorable, emphasizing the importance of adding a touch of personality to your Facebook ads.

Finally, the restaurant’s name is prominently displayed. Clear branding ensures viewers associate the ad with the establishment.

The “Visit Instagram” and “Learn More” buttons provide straightforward next steps for interested users.

Facebook Ads Example 5

Facebook ad highlighting the cultural significance of a cocktail

Why This Ad?

This Facebook ad highlights the Caipirinha, a Brazilian national cocktail, directly communicating what it offers.

It emphasizes the culture of their cocktail recipe, enriching the text and weaving a story. This makes people feel connected to the food before even trying it.

This Facebook ad also mentions it’s available for half price during happy hour, creating a sense of urgency and value. Additionally, it mentions they are in the heart of Chicago, potentially attracting local customers and positioning themselves as easily accessible.

Facebook Ads Example 6

Facebook ad highlighting customer testimonials

Why This Ad?

This Facebook ad stands as a good example because it leverages testimonials and an aesthetic color theme to catch the attention of random scrollers.

Testimonials act as social proof, showing potential customers that real people have had positive experiences with the product or service and Edessa taps into that.

Facebook Ads Example 7

Facebook ad featuring a gift-card giveaway

Why This Ad?

The Facebook ad for Seahorse Restaurant is a good example because it leverages a giveaway to attract customers. The ad offers a chance to win a $50 gift card, enticing potential customers with a free reward.

The CTA also tells viewers to “Tap The Link & Enter To Win,” which clearly instructs them to participate in the giveaway.

With catchy words like “Good Vibes” and “Great Food,” it creates a positive association with the restaurant.

Facebook Ads Example 8

Experience-based Facebook ad example for restaurants

Why This Ad?

Without leaving Canonsburg, this Facebook ad promises an escape to Italy with its authentic Italian food, creating a catchy campaign. The ad reflects that the restaurant isn’t selling food but an experience.

It also has a subtle CTA to take people to their website and get struck with more delicious food, leveraging Facebook’s tools to convert the random scrollers.

Facebook Ads Example 9

Facebook ad example featuring a signature lunch dish

Why This Ad?

ENZO Italian restaurant has created a successful Facebook ad campaign with a delectable dish on the front and a teaser of ingredients.

The text in this ad does a good job of creating a sense of intrigue.

It mentions a “delicious makeover” for a Caprese salad, which suggests the restaurant is innovative and willing to experiment with classic dishes.

This could be interesting to foodies who are looking for something new and different.

Facebook Ad Example 10

Facebook ad example featuring a comforting dish

Why This Ad?

This Facebook ad by Burma Burma features a delicious-looking bowl of food, which is likely to grab attention on people’s scrolling Facebook feeds.

Second, the text describes the dish in an appetizing way, using words like “fragrant,” “creamy,” and “flavor-packed.”

Third, the ad mentions that it’s a “signature dish,” which suggests it’s a popular and well-liked menu item.

Finally, the ad includes a strong call to action, encouraging people to “try this flavor-packed dish on your next visit.”

Facebook Ads Example 11

Restaurant facebook ad targeting those looking for a romantic dinner spot

Why This Ad?

The Facebook ad for Chateau West Restaurant uses high-quality imagery that captures a romantic atmosphere. This likely appeals to couples looking for a special occasion venue.

The text emphasizes the restaurant’s enchanting setting and unforgettable culinary experience, creating a sense of luxury and exclusivity.

The ad also uses clear calls to action, with “Book Now” buttons prominently displayed.

Facebook Ads Example 12

Facebook ad showcasing the ambience of a restaurant

Why This Ad?

The ad mentions both a casual indoor dining room and a relaxing outdoor space with a fire pit, which could appeal to a wider audience.

It distinguishes the restaurant from others by offering customers a place to watch the game.

Overall, the ad creates a well-rounded picture of what Telly’s has to offer, potentially attracting diners looking for a casual atmosphere, outdoor seating, or a place to watch sports.

Facebook Ads Example 13

Facebook ad highlighting a weekly special value meal

Why This Ad?

The Facebook ad for BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse features a closeup of delicious-looking chicken wings, which are a popular menu item and likely to grab attention.

The text highlights the deal with clear, concise language: “$10 Wing Wednesday” and “10 Bone-In Wings for $10.” This offer is likely to appeal to people who are looking for a good deal on wings.

The ad effectively uses mouthwatering imagery and a strong promotion to target people who are fans of chicken wings and interested in budget-friendly meal options.

Facebook Ads Example 14

Facebook ads example for restaurants creating an intrigue

Why This Ad?

The Facebook ad for Baracoa Cuban Restaurant is a great example because it uses curiosity to draw people in.

The image features a close-up of a beautifully plated red snapper dish, but the text keeps the details under wraps. It mentions “unveiling the art of plating” tomorrow, which creates a sense of mystery and intrigue.

Furthermore, the use of vibrant colors and hashtags related to food adventures further entice users to learn more.

This ad strategy makes people want to come back tomorrow to see the full reveal, potentially leading to increased engagement and brand awareness.

Facebook Ads Example 15

Facebook ad example inviting patrons for Cinco de Mayo

Why This Ad?

Showcasing a colorful and festive atmosphere, which is perfect for celebrating Cinco de Mayo, this Facebook ad for Las Carrestas Mexican Restaurant is catchy. The text in both English and Spanish highlights the event with phrases like “biggest party of the year” and “fiesta again.”

This Facebook ad also offers specific details like live music, drink specials, and a raffle, enticing people with more than one reason to visit the restaurant.

Facebook Ad Example 16

Facebook ads example for announcing a new restaurant opening

Why This Ad?

The Tropical Smoothie Cafe ad is a strong Facebook ad example, as the image showcases a delicious-looking smoothie and quesadilla directly tied to what they sell.

The text mentions “sunshine crew” and “open & rockin’,” which creates a positive and inviting atmosphere.

The ad also targets a specific audience by announcing their arrival in Arlington with a grand opening. This creates a sense of urgency and excitement, enticing people to visit their new location.

There’s a clear call to action with their website and address included. Overall, this ad is likely to resonate with people in Arlington looking for a new smoothie spot.

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Facebook Ad Example 17

Facebook ad featuring Bloody Mary drink

Why This Ad?

The vibrant image of the Bloody Mary Flight immediately grabs attention in this ad by Broken Yolk Cafe.

The key takeaway here is restaurants should certainly invest in high-quality visuals that showcase their signature dishes or drinks to entice potential customers.

The ad also targets a specific audience: people who enjoy Bloody Marys by highlighting a “Bloody Mary Flight.” This option allows customers to try multiple variations at once.

Additionally, the ad highlights the cafe’s longevity since 1979 and emphasizes its success with 34 locations.

This ad also highlights how one should include relevant details like operating hours, location, and specialties in their Facebook ad. Broken Yolk Cafe effectively communicates that by stating it serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch.

Facebook Ad Example 18

Ad example for restaurants offering mobile food services

Why This Ad?

This Cafe Amici Facebook ad serves as an excellent example for restaurants that go beyond traditional settings by offering mobile food services.

The ad showcases a pizza truck, emphasizing that Cafe Amici can bring restaurant-quality food to various events—birthdays, corporate lunches, graduations, and weddings.

What restaurants can learn from this is to highlight their flexibility in catering services.

The playful graphics and vibrant colors make the ad eye-catching. Furthermore, the text “Say hi to our amazing pizza truck!” directly invites interaction. Clear messaging encourages potential customers to explore further.

Finally, including the phone number for bookings (203-848-1682) ensures accessibility. It shows that it is important for restaurants to provide easy ways for customers to reach out.

The ad also targets a specific audience by mentioning it can be used for events like birthday parties and graduations.

How To Use Facebook Ads For Restaurants?

Facebook Ads are an effective tool for restaurant marketing, offering features to help reach and engage the target audience. To maximize their potential, follow these steps:

Step 1: Setting Up A Facebook Business Page & Ad Manager

Create a Facebook Business Page to run ads and access marketing tools. Set up an Ad Manager to manage and track campaigns.

Step 2: Choosing The Right Campaign Type Based On Marketing Goals

Select from various campaign types like “Brand Awareness” or “Conversions” to align with your marketing objectives.

Step 3: Creating Compelling Ad Copy & Visuals To Attract Attention

Develop attention-grabbing headlines and visuals. Use high-quality images and clear, concise messaging to highlight your restaurant’s best features.

Step 4: Utilizing Targeting Options

Target ads based on location, demographics, and interests to reach the right audience, enhancing campaign effectiveness.

Step 5: Implementing Call-To-Action Buttons

Include prominent CTA buttons in your ads to encourage actions like ordering or booking to drive conversions.

Step 6: Monitoring and Optimizing Ad Performance

Use Meta Ad Manager insights to track progress and tweak elements like ad copy and visuals for optimal performance.

By following these best practices, you can create highly effective Facebook Ad campaigns that help you reach and engage with your target audience.

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Creating The Best Restaurant Facebook Ads With Pros

From the examples we’ve dissected, it’s clear that creativity, precision targeting, and a deep understanding of your audience are the main ingredients for success.

Draw inspiration from these successful campaigns, but remember, the secret sauce is in keeping the basics right while daring to experiment.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here. So, let your creativity flow and tailor your strategies to mirror the unique flavor of your restaurant.

To master Facebook ads, it takes some serious trial and error, a dash of gut instinct, and quite some time on your hands to spare on A/B testing.

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How Do I Advertise My Restaurant On Facebook?

Optimize your Facebook page, define objectives, identify the target audience, create engaging content, and use Facebook ads to boost likes and reach new customers.

Are Facebook Ads Good For Restaurants?

Yes, Facebook ads are highly effective for restaurants due to robust targeting options, a large user base, and analytical insights. Restaurants can reach the right audience and drive sales with well-created ads.

What Are Some Examples of Food Advertising?

Invest in high-quality images of your food, boost likes to increase organic reach, use Facebook ads to offer promotions and discounts, and create ads that showcase your restaurant’s unique value proposition.

What Ads Are Most Successful On Facebook?

The most successful Facebook ads for restaurants have eye-catching visuals, compelling copy, and clear value propositions. They also include strong calls to action.

When Do Facebook Ads For Restaurants Get The Most Clicks?

Facebook ads for restaurants typically get the most clicks during peak engagement times. This includes lunch and dinner hours when users are actively browsing social media.

How To Get A Good ROI Using Facebook Ads For Restaurants?

To achieve a good ROI using Facebook ads for restaurants, define clear objectives, target specific audiences, and create engaging content. You should also regularly monitor and optimize ad performance.

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